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Do your students love your classes? How much teaching experience do you have?
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Instructors who seek out a way to become certified are more dedicated, professional teachers who want a way to reassure their students and parents that they are qualified to teach. is an online exam that requires knowledge and insight into the business of teaching dance classes while maintaining the delicate balance of inspiring dance students to appreciate dance as an art form and perform to the best of their individual talents and abilities.

Certified Dance Instructors are recognized for their sensitivity to using positive reinforcement as a teaching method, while giving courteous and responsible customer service to the parents or guardians who are finanacing the tuition fees and other related costs. Certified Dance Teachers teach students in the genre of the performing arts because they love to teach.

The exam consists of more than 50 questions including multiple choice and essay questions which give us insight into the integrity and knowlege level of each individual applicant. While we may not know if these instructors are capable of doing triple pirouettes or steady fouette turns, we do feel we get a good look at their credentials and qualifications to teach dance in a studio setting.
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About our Director: Kathleen S. Bazzano
The founder and director of has more than 35 years of experience with owning and operating 3 dance and gymnastics facilities. She has her Masters of Fine Arts degree and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance and Education. Kathleen has taught classes at the college level, as well as conducting master classes for recreation in elementary and secondary schools. Now retired from the studio business, Ms. Bazzano is devoting her time to Dance Teacher Certification exclusively.

A note of advice for all parents who involve their children in extracurricular activites of any kind: Please always ask for clearances. If the individual you are involved with objects to this request in any way, I would consider seeking out an alternative instructor. Ask for references, and ask for certification.

If you are new to dance, and would like more information about what to expect from your dance classes, please visit one of our companion sites which was created as a resource for dance students and families:

If you are an instructor who is at least 18 years old, and has verifiable teaching experience, you may qualify for certification as a lifetime
member of Dance & Gym USA.®
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For certification information:

Our exam is based on common sense, an understanding of mature responsible dance instruction and basic ballet vocabulary. Anyone who has at least one year of teaching experience or 1 year of college dance training and is at least 18 years old is elligible to take our online test. Most of the questions are multiple choice.

Here are a few sample essay questions and impressive responses from
our Certified Dance Teachers:

Question #32:
Instructors should strive to develop a consistent teaching syllabus for each level of instruction and each technique......
"Having a consistent teaching syllabus for each level of instruction in incredibly helpful in managing the classroom and developing each level in progressions. When I teach a beginner class, I want my lesson plans to flow into the needs of the next level I hope to take my students to. If I have a consistent syllabus, then I also have a consistent measurement of how well the students are progressing. A syllabus can be altered if needed to improve teaching technique within the goals of the progressions."
-Tammy Toma, Hawaii, USA

Question #50:
Teaching dance classes should be a learning experience for both the students and the instructors...

"Teaching is always a learning experience because you have to learn how to do everything. It is a strange process going from being a dancer to being a dance teacher, but it is such a rewarding and a fun experience being their mentor and watching that light bulb go off in their head when a move or combination clicks for them, and just watching them grow as dancers and knowing that you helped them achieve that."
Lindsay Gray, Texas, USA

Question #54:
Please briefly state why you enjoy teaching dance...and why you think dance training is beneficial for children and adults.
"I love to teach dance! I love the fact that I'm helping students become the dancer they are today and are going to be in the future! Dance training is really beneficial for childrean and adults because you can gain confidence getting up on stage and showing everyone you have that confidence."
- Olivia Thompson, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I have been dancing since I was three years old and I have loved every minute of it! I loved all of my teachers, and I wanted to share my knowledge with others. Dance teaches more than just steps. It teaches self-esteem, self-confidence, determination, hard work and dedication. The things I learned in dance as a child helped me to grow into the adult I am today."
-Allison Kofke, Pennsylvania, USA

"It's like storytelling, in a way. It'll never be something that can be done without the love of a teacher".
-Kimberly Kristeen Munn, Iowa, USA

"I've always loved dance and being able to teach dance to others and see students improve and love what they're me is the most rewarding thing."
-Alexandra Steinberg, New York, USA

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